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Social Media Uproar Over The New Hershey Kisses Ad!

Remember the classic Hershey kisses commercial with the holiday-colored kisses arranged in a tree shape and re-imagined to be little bells rings?

That ad is 31 years old.

Well, just chalk it up to another thing that 2020 ruined. Hershey’s re-did the commercial, and while some think it’s cuter and better, others are LIVID.

The new commercial shows a dad and a daughter using Hershey's Kisses to make cookies.

There was a social media UPROAR; people were not happy. Hershey's has responded, apologizing for the disappointment but saying:

"For viewers who love our original – don’t worry, we’ll be running BOTH holiday ads this season.”

Source: The Today Show.

Photo Credit: Getty Images via iHeart Media.

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