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GONE VIRAL: Sasha Obama Is All Grown Up (And STUNNING

Sasha Obama is now 19-years-old and has been trending on Twitter thanks to a new photo from an unnamed source. 


She's also trending because of an onslaught of social media criticism over a TikTok video that was making the rounds.

In a clip that was shared on TikTok earlier this month, the daughter of former President Barack Obama could be seen dancing with a group of around six friends.

The user quickly deleted the video, but not before someone else captured it and shared it on Twitter. People were slamming her for being too close to people, no one wearing masks, for hanging out with white people, etc.

Jameela Jamil was among the celebrities to speak out in support of Sasha, saying: "Oh shut up about Sasha Obama, she's young, free and harming nobody."

Source: Twitter, Yahoo!

Photo Credit: Twitter, Getty Images via iHeart Media.

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