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Beyonce Criticized For Wearing Blood Diamond

European Premiere of Disney's "The Lion King"

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Beyonce made history when she became the first Black woman to wear the Tiffany diamond—but she also sparked controversy. 

There's a disturbing story behind the 128.54 carat yellow diamond. 

The Washington Post reports Charles Lewis Tiffany discovered the diamond in a South African mine in 1877, when British forces launched battles of conquest and harsh discriminatory practices against African tribes and laborers. South Africa’s conflict-ridden mining industry paved the way for apartheid. ... Thousands of African lives were lost and communities destroyed in the colonial quest to control the continent’s resources. And today, South Africa’s white minority continues to hold most of the country’s power and wealth.

Twitter became full of people upset with Beyonce's move with one person writing, "we’re supposed to be excited racists finally let a Black woman touch their stolen goods? get out of my face."

Beyonce's mom Tina Knowles commented, "How many of you socially conscious activist own diamonds? I thought so ! Well guess what did you go to try to check to see where the diamond came from? Probably not! So when you guys get engaged you won't have a diamond you gonna put on a sterling silver band And you better check out where it came from and the origin of where came from and why you add it check out the calls for the Leather that you weird because they made it came from another country to to ban and not buy diamonds right because your righteous!"

Beyonce hasn't officially spoken out on the issue, but if British tabloids are to be believed, she is "disappointed and angry" that she wasn't made aware of the gem's history, a source tells The Sun.

Source: Washington Post.

Photo Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney.

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