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Chappelle Says DaBaby Offending LGBTQ Was Worse Than Him Killing Someone

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Photo: Getty Images

Dave Chappelle joked that DaBaby killing a man wasn't considered as offensive as him going after the LGBTQ+ community, which torpedoed his career.

Chappelle has a new stand-up special on Netflix (it was filmed in Detroit!), and right off the bat he starts making jokes about DaBaby falling from grace after going on a homophobic rant.

Police say DaBaby was involved in a fatal shooting at a Walmart in North Carolina. DaBaby said it was done in self-defense, and he wasn’t charged.

Dave is suggesting that angering the gay community these days is a way bigger deal, and could end your career faster, than actually killing someone.

Source: TMZ.

Photo Credit: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images.

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