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Jack Harlow Makes Girls Sign NDAs Before They Enter His Room

2021 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Photo: Getty Images

Jack Harlow requires female acquaintances to sign an NDA before entering his room, because he doesn’t want his business on the internet. And if you’re not willing to sign, SEE YA.

Speaking with GQ Hype,Harlow said he makes women sign a non-disclosure agreement before entering the room, which shouldn’t really come as a shocker since he did rap about it on song "21C/Delta."

Harlow said,"I talked about it on my album; it’s my NDA record. And then Billie (Eilish) released one about it more recently, so it’s being talked about more, for sure. The lyrics go: ‘First name, last name, date of birth / make a bad b**** sign the paperwork…’ But it’s a real thing."

"But sometimes it’s just to hang out,"he explained. "And that’s solely to establish the idea that, 'Hey, my texts aren’t meant for your friends.' Our time together is for us. And I present it, like, 'Hey, listen, if you don’t want to sign this you don’t have to. This is a unique situation. And if you don’t want to do it that’s totally fine, but this is what needs to happen for us to be able to hang out. I just want us to hang out; I don’t want this to be a thing on the internet.'"

And while most women sign the paperwork with no question, some have chosen to consult with lawyers first. "They’re like, 'Give me a few hours…'" Which Jack completely understands. And if you’re not willing to sign, well then you’ll simply have to leave.

Source: GQ Hype.

Photo Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images for MTV/ViacomCBS.

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