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THIS Was Named The Most Romantic Movie Of All Time

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Fandango’s on-demand streaming service Vudu has released its top-performing romantic movies of all time.

And the Lady Gaga-Bradley Cooper romantic drama “A Star Is Born” topped the list.

Fans of the recently relaunched platform chose the 2018 Warner Bros. hit as the most-watched romantic movie of all time.

Vudu’s top three romantic movies based on total viewer transactions also included “Crazy Rich Asians,” starring Constance Wu and Henry Golding, and the “Twilight” saga starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

According to a recent Vudu survey of more than 2,000 film fans, 82% of respondents shared that watching a movie is their favorite Valentine’s activity, while 83% look forward to catching up with both new releases and beloved classics during the month of February.

The top 25 most-streamed romantic movies:

1. “A Star is Born” (2018)

2. “Crazy Rich Asians”

3. “The Twilight Saga”

4. “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy

5. “Beauty and the Beast” (2017)

6. “Love and Monsters”

7. “Titanic”

8. “The Notebook”

9. “Trainwreck”

10. “The Proposal”

11. “Last Christmas”

12. “Warm Bodies”

13. “Dirty Dancing”

14. “Overboard” (2018)

15. “The Shape of Water”

16. “Crazy, Stupid, Love”

17. “Silver Linings Playbook”

18. “La La Land”

19. “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”

20. “The Princess Bride”

21. “Pretty Woman”

22. “What Men Want”

23. “Love, Simon”

24. “Yesterday”

25. “Sweet Home Alabama”

Source: NY Daily News.

Photo Credit: Matt Petit - Handout/A.M.P.A.S. via Getty Images.

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