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Kanye Declares February "Black Future Month"

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Kanye West is prepping for the release of “Donda 2” on February 22nd with the transformation of Black History Month into “Black Future Month.”

The six-minute, cinematically shot speech uploaded to Instagram on Tuesday features Ye at the center of a group of people wearing hoodies, describing the disparities he feels as a Black man in America and, more specifically, as a Black man with a family. 


Kanye says, “America is made to enslave us, what they ever gave us? “We’d improve. We didn’t show, it’s documented, now it’s cemented, lack future it’s time to invent it. If Ye said it, you know that he meant it. There’s no more Black History Month, every February reminding us that we just barely can vote.” 

“We shouldn’t have to be a tech genius, a basketball God, a musical wizard to be able to hold down your family."   Ye adds that its been “four or five days” since he has seen his children. “But we in America, ain’t we? That’s just how it is. When they write the history, when they write the narrative, when they take something that’s strong and make it look like it’s an embarrassment, when they take something that’s weak and even try to make a comparison, when you say something that’s strong and they say that you arrogant.”

To change the narrative, Ye is declaring February Black Future Month. “If we wanna talk about Black history? Who wrote that history for us? They beat down ideas that will keep you enslaved mentally, they target you, they put you in that box to control your mind and to make you fearful,” he said. “I just don’t have no fear left in me so all I got is love. I’ve been waiting for us to take the power in our own hand. I’ve been waiting for us to control our narrative.”

Source: Billboard.

Photo Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images.

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