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Jennifer Garner's 50 Acts of Kindness To Celebrate Her Birthday

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Photo: Getty Images

Jennifer Garner shared an act of kindness on her Instagram story, buying $100 worth of coffee for those behind her.

The actress shared a brief video of her at a Starbucks getting her order.


The video is captioned, 'No. 48 Coffee is always a worthwhile little act of kindness,' the 48th in a series of 50 acts of kindness she's seemingly doing in the 50 days leading up to her 50th birthday in April.

The video shows Jen at a Starbucks, asking the cashier for, 'a mint tea, grande.' 

When the cashier tells her the price, Garner adds, 'I have a question. Can I give you this to pay for the people behind me?' while extending a $100 bill. 

She then extends more cash to the cashier, adding, 'this is for you guys,' adding the $100 is to, 'pay for whoever behind me.' 

Jen adds, 'Just tell them to have a good a good day and pass it on,' before turning to the camera as the video comes to an end. 

Source: Daily Mail.

Photo Credit: Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Netflix.

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