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Matthew Stafford On WHY He Doesn't Want A Vasectomy

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Matthew Stafford discussed the topic vasectomies on his wife Kelly’s podcast. His biggest issue with getting snipped is the recovery time cutting into his training. 

Stafford explained, “I’ve got conflicting information on how long the recovery is…So, that’s why I’m like 24 hours I’m in, or 24 hours I’m in. But if I can’t lift weights for two or three weeks, how am I going to walk into the day one of our offseason program and say ‘sorry, I can’t lift weights, guys.'”

Kelly asks, “Can you do it sooner?”

Matthew Stafford replies, "Nope, we’re coming up on the deadline. And well honestly, if I did it April 1 and then we start April 18th. Actually, April 1 I’m busy. Listen, I would totally do it we just gotta figure out the right time."

Later, Kelly Stafford said, "But we’re done with having kids so we’ll have to figure that out. I hate birth control and my sister got pregnant on it like three times so… Matthew doesn’t believe it either and I’m like but she did."

Source: The Morning After With Kelly Stafford Podcast.

Photo Credit:  James Gilbert/Getty Images.

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