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Brooklyn Subway Shooting Suspect Arrested After Calling Police On HIMSELF

Suspect Arrested In Yesterday's Brooklyn Subway Shooting

Photo: Getty Images

The call to a tip line that led to the arrest of New York City mass shooting suspect Frank James came from James himself.  He called the Crime Stoppers line from a McDonald's on Manhattan's Lower East Side on Wednesday afternoon and told police to come and collect him.

The 62-year-old suspect said, "This is Frank. You guys are looking for me ... my phone is about to die."

Police say James wasn't at the McDonald's, but they found him nearby after driving around the neighborhood and took him into custody. A local resident (Zack Tahhan) said that he alerted officers after seeing James walking casually down the street. 

James is accused of opening fire on a subway train in Brooklyn, leaving 29 people hospitalized with gunshot wounds and other injuries. Police say he did not resist as he was taken into custody.

James has been charged with committing a terrorist act on a mass transit system, a federal offense that could send him to prison for the rest of his life. 

Source: NBC, NY Post.

Photo Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images.

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