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Ellen Barkin Says Jealous Johnny Depp Threw Wine Bottle At Her

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Actress Ellen Barkin testified that Johnny Depp once threw a bottle of wine at her.

Barkin said she met Depp around 1990 and developed a friendship that lasted 10 years, including starring together in the film "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". She said the relationship became sexual.

Barkin said that she was 'always aware' that Depp drank too much. She said: 'He was drunk all the, most, a lot of the time. She saw him using cocaine, marijuana and hallucinogenic drugs, once telling her he was 'tripping'.

She added that jealous comments from Depp were 'very common' and he would get angry and 'demanding'.

Bruce Witkin, a music producer, weighed in on the actor’s alleged substance-abuse problems, saying he witnessed his former friend snort cocaine for the first time in 2014, which surprised him because he said the actor hated the drug as a teen. He also recalled seeing Depp do cocaine with Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry.

Witkin, who fell out with Depp in 2017, testified that the actor had tried to kick his drug habit a couple of times but it didn’t stick. Witkin said he recommended that Depp try therapy.

Tracey Jacobs, Depp’s former agent at the United Talent Agency, testified that she helped the movie star build a stellar career — only for him to squander his success through drugs and alcohol.

“It worsened over time,” she said of Depp’s behavior, adding, “[Depp’s] star dimmed. People were talking, and the question was out there about his behavior.”

She said Depp was “showing up late to set consistently on virtually every movie."

The Hollywood power broker said she was fired in 2016 because Depp “terminated essentially everyone in his life and I was along for the ride, I guess.”

She testified that no one at Disney had committed to hiring Depp for the sixth installment of the “Pirates” franchise in conversations with her.

Depp has claimed he lost tens of millions of dollars — including a giant payout for the sixth “Pirates” flick — over Heard’s 2018 Washington Post op-ed calling herself a “public figure representing domestic abuse.” Depp has denied allegations of physical abuse and excessive use of drugs and alcohol.

Court will resume Monday, May 23, for what is set to be the last week of the highly-watched trial.

Source:  NY Post, Daily Mail.

Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Turner.

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