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UFC President Claims Brady & Gronk Almost Joined The Las Vegas Raiders

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp

Photo: Getty Images

UFC boss Dana White says the Las Vegas Raiders nearly signed Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, but coach Jon Gruden got in the way.

During Gronk’s alternate broadcast of UFC 278, White says he had a deal in place for Brady and Gronk to play for the Raiders, but Gruden “blew it up” at the last minute.


Raiders fans were not happy with Gruden after learning about White’s story.

At one point in the broadcast Gronkowski said..."I could have been in Vegas with you the last three years man, what the heck?"

"You would have been!" White said. Gronkowski echoed: "I would have been." 

White explained, "I worked to put that deal together for Brady and Gronk to come to the Raiders. It was almost a done deal. At the last minute Gruden blew the deal up and said that he didn't want them.

"All hell broke loose man, it was crazy. Brady was already looking at houses and it wasn't being said yet that Gronk was coming. So Las Vegas would have had Brady and Gronk the year the Bucs won the Super Bowl except Gruden blew the deal up. There's so much story that goes along with this behind the scenes ... I was never going to tell that story until Gronk just said it."

Gronkowski said White's story is "exactly what happened." 

Source: USA Today.

Photo Credit:  Julio Aguilar/Getty Images.

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