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TikTokers Are Destroying Their Balenciaga Products to #BoycottBalenciaga

Balenciaga store exterior and sign at Johor Premium Outlet, Malaysia

Photo: Getty Images

People are destroying their Balenciaga products to protest after their controversial ads of children alongside bondage-inspired attire.

The videos are getting millions of views on TikTok and the hashtags #BoycottBalenciaga and #CancelBalenciaga are trending.

One influencer cut up a hoodie that she reported cost $700. She also tossed a Balenciaga T-Shirt, a pair of sunglasses and a pair of shoes, that collectively appear to be worth more than $2,000.

Balenciaga came under fire this month for its problematic campaigns featuring children holding plush toys wearing bondage get-ups, as well as paperwork from a Supreme Court case that upheld part of a federal child pornography law.

Source: NY Post.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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