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Lil Nas X Takes Pics With The Wiggles - Cue The Outrage

Falls Festival Melbourne

Photo: Getty Images

Lil Nas X has been pictured on Instagram with the members of The Wiggles – and some parents aren’t happy

Lil Nas X was seen with the Australian children’s entertainers holding one of the group’s trademark colorful jumpers in a post that teased a collaboration between the two acts at Australia’s Falls Festival.

One parents commented, “I’m sorry but Lil Nas should have nothing to do with children. Period."

Another wrote, “C’mon guys, you advocate for innocent children’s entertainment whilst simultaneously wanting to collaborate with a devil worshipper. This is such an odd post."

And a third wrote: “Such a shame, my daughter loved the Wiggles. I don’t see how someone who lap dances the devil in their music videos is a good candidate for working in the children’s music industry.”

Source: NME.

Photo Credit: Morgan Hancock/Getty Images.

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