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Ashton Kutcher Apologizes To Harry Styles Over Karaoke

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There was a time when Ashton Kutcher had no idea who Harry Styles was. 

In an video interview with Esquire, Kutcher was asked about his favorite karaoke song — Zac Brown Band’s “Chicken Fried” — something that prompted him to recall the time he and wife actress Mila Kunis obliviously met the “As It Was” singer for the first time at a karaoke bash.

Kutcher began, “There’s an extraordinarily well-known singer, that is maybe the best singer today, that we happen to be neighbors with. She was throwing a karaoke party. She gets up and gives this, like, out of this world, bananas [performance], and I’m like, ‘This is so unfair.'”

“Then this other kid gets up and he does this ABBA song. I’m like, ‘Oh my god, this is bananas'. So the kid gets offstage, and Mila and I go up to him and we’re like, ‘Man, I gotta tell you something — you’re a ringer. You’re really good. He was like, ‘Thank you, I really appreciate that.'”

When the "That ’70s Show" costars later raved about the performance to a friend at the party, they realized that the ABBA singer wasn’t just any ordinary karaoke connoisseur. Kutcher recalls, “They’re like, ‘It’s Harry Styles.’ And I’m like, ‘Who’s that?'”

After the friend filled him in on the former boyband star’s claim to fame, Kutcher said he felt “like a jerk. He’s a professional singer and we’re trying to tell him he’s a good singer. And I feel so dumb, so I just really want to say I’m sorry Harry Styles, but you’re really good at karaoke, man. Seriously. Like, really good!”

Source: Billboard.

Photo Credit: JC Olivera/Getty Images.

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