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Lawsuit Alleges NFL Films Catalogs Lewd Photos Of Women At Games

Seattle Seahawks v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the NFL and NFL Films allegedly has an archive of fan and cheerleader footage categorized as “cheerleaders buttocks,” “cheerleaders rear end,” “female fan in bikini top,” “naughty camera work,” “close up of cheerleader’s breasts; cleavage shot,” “shot of endowed woman” and “random woman, cleavage shot”.

There was even an accompanying “chat room log tracking timestamps on NFL footage and linking the timestamps to sexualized and offensive descriptions of women captured on that footage.”

The allegations were part of a discrimination lawsuit by a former employee, Victoria Russell.

NFL spokesman said the footage is labeled as sensitive, but not with derogatory words, to prevent it from being used in future videos.

Russell, who is a Black woman, worked in human resources for the NFL for 4 years up until 2022. During her time, she said she got the run-around over a promotion, was abruptly fired after complaining to the league’s diversity officer, and was denied a workspace, as well as raises and openings that white and male employees enjoyed.

The league refuted Russell’s allegations in the lawsuit. They said, “We are committed to providing all employees a workplace that is respectful, diverse, inclusive and free from discrimination and harassment. The NFL didn’t discriminate or retaliate against Ms. Russell during her time as a temporary staff member. We will vigorously defend against these claims.”

The lawsuit says, “The commentary associated with the timestamps included approximately 14 pages of sexually degrading remarks about women.”

Source: Deadspin.

Photo Credit: Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images.

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