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MAJOR FAIL: Aldi's Bunnies & Chicks Marshmallows Look Like ...


Photo: Getty Images

A shopper at Aldi picked up a bag of "marshmallow bunnies and chicks," at least … thats what the marshmallows were supposed to look like. 

But the chicks and bunnies look like … a bag of dicks.  


One person tweeted, “Definitely something you’d see floating in the drinks at a bachelorette party rather than in the Easter section of Aldi's seasonal aisle.”

And to everyone’s surprise, ALDI UK not only acknowledged the offending bag of marshmallows but took to its official Twitter account to respond, retweeting the photo with the caption, “We can’t even defend this one.”

Source: The Takeout.

Photo Credit: EVA HAMBACH/AFP via Getty Images.

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