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Netflix Sued Over "Outer Banks"

Netflix's "Outer Banks": Chase Stokes In Conversation With Emily Curl

Photo: Getty Images

According to the author of “Queen Anne’s Revenge”, Netflix took the characters and plot for "Outer Banks" from his book.

Netflix is being sued by Jeff Wilson, who claims there are way too many similarities between a book he wrote and “Outer Banks” for it to be pure coincidence.

The author says in 2013 he published his novel, which follows 4 friends on a treasure hunt from a famous shipwreck near the outer banks of North Carolina. His book was even promoted by Discovery and History Channel. He claims the “Outer Banks” creators have even confessed they relied on other books and authors for inspiration to write the scripted series.

The author claims his book was drawn from heavily. He says the main cast and their character arcs are almost identical to his novel and says the plot points and settings are eerily similar as well.

The author is suing Netflix for copyright infringement and he wants them to fork over any profits they've made from infringing on his novel and an injunction stopping Netflix from distributing or advertising "Outer Banks.”

Source: TMZ.

Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images.

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