Starbucks Is Getting Rid Of Straws

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(NBC) - Starbucks says it will eliminate plastic straws from its stores globally by 2020, a nod to the growing push for businesses to be more environmentally friendly. The company becomes the largest food and beverage company to do so as calls to cut waste globally grow louder. Plastic straws have become one of the biggest targets. A week after Seattle banned plastic drinking straws and utensils, the company said Monday that by 2020, it will be using straws made from biodegradable materials like paper and specially designed lids. The company already offers alternative straws in Seattle. Other cities, like Fort Meyers, have banned plastic straws as well. Similar proposals are being considered in places like New York and San Francisco. McDonald's also recently said it would switch to paper straws in the United Kingdom and Ireland by next year, and test alternatives to plastic straws in some U.S. locations.

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Don't hate the move and we have time to 'adjust' if needed but I really need something special from Starbucks. I am a long time fan of the bucks. I am a gold card member, not to brag. I am also a big fan of the frappachinos frapichino, my spelling is so off my computer wont even guess what I am trying to say, frappuccino. Oh duhhh it's not a word but who cares. Anyways I mess with the frapps heavy but I hate the stigma behind ordering it. I have a lot of coffee drinker friends who like to make fun of me when I'm walking around with the delicious drink. Can we get a cup that makes it look like a coffee? I'm talking something that all the annoying people would think I'm rolling in with black coffee and I don't mess with the cream. That would be ideal.  

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