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Adele Reveals We've Been Saying Her Name Wrong For Years

American Express Presents BST Hyde Park: Adele

Photo: Getty Images

Adele is an icon and apparently we've been saying her name wrong all these years?!

Adele recently took part in a fan Q&A to promote the release of her I Drink Wine music video, where she answered questions from audience members and virtually from people at home.

One fan on screen, who held up a glass of wine to the camera, delightedly said: "Hi Adele (which she pronounced as uh-dele, not ah-dele), I'm Annie, and I'm from London. My question is: on your journey to self-love while writing 30, did your perspective on how you saw yourself when you wrote 25 change at all, and how?"

Before the 34-year-old singer could answer the question, she quickly praised the fan for pronouncing her name correctly. "Where's she from, Enfield or something? Love that — she said my name perfectly," Adele gushed.

She went on to say that she prefers a slight lilt at the end of her name, so it's pronounced as "uh-dehwl" which is more in line with her North London accent.


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