Justin Bieber‘s dad, Jeremy Bieber, chose to travel the world and party with his son instead of work on his seven-year relationship with Erin Wagner and their two young children.

And now, according to the Mail Online, the two are now split up and living separately but sharing custody of their two kids.

Sources said Erin couldn’t handle Jeremy always being gone and living the high-life with Justin.

Jeremy has already been labeled a bad influence on his son after partying with him just days after his arrest in Miami. Then on the way to the Super Bowl, their private jet was searched by drug-sniffing dogs and the Biebers were accused of smoking marijuana to the point where the pilots had to wear gas masks, while also verbally abusing the flight attendant.

Erin Wagner Tweeted: “Hard to believe sometimes that things can get better! Trying to keep going! Ready for the next chapter…..wonder what it’s about….#unknown.”

Source: RadarOnline