Suge Knight left an L.A. hospital yesterday, just 3 days after taking six gunshots to the gut at Chris Brown's pre-VMA party. 

BUT ... he's refusing to cooperate with the police investigation.

Why? One possible motive for that shooting MIGHT have been to discourage him from releasing a tell-all book on his music industry reign. Music insiders say Suge's been shopping a book about his career; from founding Death Row Records in the early ’90s to his business dealings, including the legendary tale of holding Vanilla Ice over a hotel balcony to obtain rights to “Ice Ice Baby.”

Also, Suge was also driving the BMW in which Tupac Shakur was fatally shot.

Other rumors claim it was a “planned assault” and supposed to happen at Chris Brown’s barbecue on Saturday afternoon at his house, but it was botched and was moved to the club.

Source: TMZ