It’s official—Rihanna and Drake are exclusive!

Rihanna and Drizzy have gone from casually hooking up to seriously dating and they’re giving it a serious try. The couple has been inseparable while Drake's been touring in Europe. In fact, sources say Rihanna has spent every single night with him since she got there.

As for Drake, he's smitten, with one source saying, "he's in the best mood he's been in a long time."

So what about this restaurant bathroom quickie?!

It happened at a restaurant in England.

Allegedly, here's what happened: Rihanna pushed a man out of the men's toilet so that she could use it. There’s video of RiRi walking into the restroom and grabbing an unknown male by the arm before shoving him out and closing the door behind her.

The video also shows Rihanna’s man, Drake, leaving the same restroom just seconds later. No word on whether the couple were inside at the same time, but come on ...

Source: TMZ