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Nichole Takes Custody Over Younger Siblings After Death of Parents

As a couple, Nichole and Cody were forced to make a life-changing decision just over a year ago. Back in September of 2017, Nichole, at the age of 24, received a phone call from her younger siblings that their father was unresponsive in his bedroom. 

Nichole and her boyfriend Cody hopped in the car and arrived just as the police were pulling in. She was hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst and her biggest fear became reality: she heard the tragic news that her father passed away. The children's mother has been in and out of their life for many years. The awful disease of addiction has deeply affected both parents of these strong, young children: Brock (14), Eddie (11) & Nadia (9). 

These children had no one except Nichole and Cody in their life. This young couple made a tough decision that no one their age should have to make. They took in their three siblings and filed for custody. In a matter of days, Nichole went from being their big sister... to being their parent. 

This is not the life they envisioned as they are trying to navigate life themselves. They are working full-time jobs, taking the children to therapy & doctor appointments, doing homework and trying to figure out this new journey called parenthood. The couple decided they were in this together and just recently got engaged. 

We knew they were facing the toughest situation they could have ever imagined and we wanted to make this time of the year a little easier on them. Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time when kids wake up on Christmas day to presents under the tree. 

This is where our Mojo in the Morning Breaking & Entering Christmas Wish comes into play. We called Nichole early in the morning on the radio and read a letter we received from the principal of the kid's school, Principal Lynn. While the letter was being read, we had Joey from our show along with a bunch of our elves and Santa's helpers loading tons of presents out of our trucks and putting them outside of her house. Then Mojo told her we have a surprise for them and told her to walk to the front door. As she opened the door, a big group of us including family members and other loved ones screamed, "MERRY CHRISTMAS" as she saw the surprises. We brought in tons of presents and gift cards to help with their current bills, but we wanted them to understand the meaning of true love and paid for their entire wedding. This is a true love story and example of the meaning of family and the meaning of giving. 

Merry Christmas to Nichole, Cody, Brock, Eddie and Nadia. 

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