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Mojo's Breaking & Entering Christmas 2018

Cheryl Adopted 13 Foster Children

Cheryl adopted 13 foster children and is now battling breast cancer. She is such an amazing woman. Merry Christmas to her beautiful family.

Aquilla Leaves Challenging Situation And Takes Kids With Her

Aquilla left her home because of a challenging situation and took her 6 kids with her. They were left homeless and recently placed into a home. Humble Design is going to turn their house into a home 

Starr Battling Stage 3 Breast Cancer

We surprised Starr, mother of three beautiful children, who is battling stage 3 breast cancer. With the help of Mark Wahlberg & Wahlburgers, we made all of their Christmas wishes come true. Thank you to CEO Bobby Shaw and the staff of Wahlburgers in Taylor for assisting us this morning. 

Nichole & Cody Take Custody Over Step-Siblings

Nichole lost her dad and with support from her boyfriend Cody, they stepped up and took her younger siblings into their home, keeping them out of the foster system. Instead of running away, Cody asked her to marry him... So we gave them a FREE WEDDING!

Torrin Battling stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer at Children's Hospital

We surprised Torrin this morning at the DMC Children's Hospital of Michigan. He is in the ICU battling stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma, so please keep him in your prayers. Help him reach his goal of $40,000 by donating to his Go Fund Me below. 

Donate Here:

Nolan's Unexpected 911 Call Before Surprise

An unfortunate 911 call this morning happened just before our Breaking & Entering Christmas Wish in Grand Rapids. We still broke into Steven & Emily’s house and left the presents for the family. Praying for Nolan who is currently in the hospital 🙏🏽

Each year the Mojo in the Morning Breaking and Entering helps needy families.  Listeners are able to write in and nominate individuals, families or even classrooms of children that deserve to have a better holiday.

We have to say thank you to our big sponsors supporting us this holiday season: The Believe Foundation, Emagine Theatres, Hush Haunt, Feldman Automotive, Wahlburgers & Mother Waddles. Also, thank you to Justin Slanec who fully produces all the videos for us that you saw above.

Donate to our 2018 Breaking and Entering Christmas Wishes Program below by clicking the button below: 

Nominate a family in need by clicking the button below:

Lost 12-year-old Son in House Fire

Toletha lost her son and home in a house fire while she was at work one night. Her 12-year-old son was home with his big sister, Honesty. She made it out alive after suffering terrible burns, but unfortunately, Marvin didn't make it. The Church stepped up and gave them a house to stay in for a year and now that time is nearing the end, so we called our Christmas elves to drop off lots of money and gifts for the family to celebrate the holiday. 

Shakara and her adorable 2-year-old Carlando

This morning we broke into Shakara and her 2-year-old son Carlando’s apartment. He was born with Hydrocephalus and it’s been hard on mom who is also due to have another baby any day.

Firefighter Loses House To Fire

Merry Christmas to Heather, Matthew, Natalie & Nathan. They lost their house to a fire just before Thanksgiving. As a St. Clair Shores firefighter, Matthew never thought he would be responding to a call for his own home.‬ We surprised them at the hotel they are currently staying at. 

Brandon, Father of 6, Loses Wife

You can just tell how amazing of a family this one is. You just get that vibe when you walk into their home at 7a for a Mojo in the Morning Breaking and Entering Christmas. Brandon lost his wife a few weeks ago and now has to parent 6 children alone.🎄

Amber Lost Husband To Cancer Last Week

You can just tell how amazing of a father Kevin truly was. He passed away from Colon Cancer last week and leaves behind his beautiful wife Amber along with their three children: Ruby (10), Logan (8) & Adam (6). The family knew Kevin was in his final days when we first spoke to their aunt and we were hoping to deliver this Breaking and Entering Christmas Wish before Kevin passed away so he can celebrate one last holiday, but unfortunately his time came too soon. Merry Christmas to this amazing, loving family! 

Autumn's Family

Thanks to so many amazing sponsors, we are granting more Christmas wishes then ever this year. The first of 2018 is for an amazing young girl named Autumn who is a superhero mom and military veteran. She is a single mother with no help, working a full-time job at RSL Medical Marketing and being Savannah's caregiver. Savannah was born missing an X chromosome with Cystic Fibrosis. Unfortunately, her diagnosis is terminal. This is about the family forgetting their daily struggles and smiling because they will have a beautiful Christmas together.

Here is a recap from our 2017 wishes we granted

Monday, December 18 - The Dishmans

The Dishmans may have lost Amy to a brain aneurysm last month, but they are surrounded by a very loving family! 

Thursday, December 14 - Mr. Seaver

The best snow day ever! Mojo’s Breaking and Entering Christmas wish surprised a special ed teacher at Whitmore Lake who is battling cancer... but he is not alone during this fight! ❤️ We all love you Mr. Patrick Seaver!

Wednesday, December 13

We surprised a single mom raising 4 children in Detroit! Just wait until you see the video (coming very soon) showing the before and after of what Humble Design and Art Van did to the inside of her home.

Monday, December 11 - The Modderman Family

In July 2016, Allendale High School's Basketball Coach Joe Modderman was at the doctor with his wife Melissa. They were told she has stage 4 breast cancer. Since then, the Moddermans have seen a wave of community support with the entire basketball team even shaving their heads in solidarity for her and making this surprise happen. Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 8 - DeAndre "Beefcake" 

Mojo’s Breaking & Entering Christmas Wish surprised “Beefcake” in his hospital room with Spider-Man! Recently he was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis, but as you can see... that doesn’t stop him!

Wednesday, December 6 - The Johnson Family (Officer Shot in Head)

Officer Johnson is a Detroit Police officer and he was shot in the head in April. He is still in the hospital. We broke in and brought Christmas with the help of their family and brothers & sisters and blue 💙 Special thanks to the West Bloomfield Police Foundation for making this happen! They raised $2,000 for the family and the officers last minute pooled another $400 out of their own pocket. 

Monday, December 4 - Charlie's Reindeer

Lisa found out her 5-year-old son Charlie was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Charlie’s biggest wish was to meet one of Santa’s reindeer. Mojo’s Christmas Wish made it happen... and so much more!

Friday, December 1 - Jenna and her Fiancé Matt 

We surprised Jenna and her beautiful family with our Breaking & Entering Christmas!   The couple had twins prematurely and their 18-month-old boy twin has cerebral palsy. Matt lost his job because he has to stay home with the babies. Mommy was overwhelmed with all the loving support from her coworkers during this surprise. 

Wednesday, November 29 - Jennifer is battling MS as a single mother

Jennifer may be battling MS, but she is not alone. Her 17-year-old son Christian is taking care of the family. He decided to finish high school from home to take care of his mom along with working 2 jobs and taking care of his little brother Logan. He helps her in the shower. He does her hair when she asks!

Monday, November 27 - Amanda loses her husband in an accident

Amanada and her 1-year-old daughter Molly were the recipients of Mojo's first Breaking and Entering Christmas wish of this year. In June, they finally moved into a beautiful place, but in August Amanda lost her fiancé in an electrical accident at a side job he was doing for his Church. We have heard nothing but amazing comments of how great of a man Eric was. 

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