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Meaghan's Blind Bumble Date

Are you single, have heard Meaghan on the air and thought "I would like to get to know her better"? Well now is your chance!

If you can be at the radio station in Farmington Hills, MI this Wednesday 2/14 from 6:45am - 10am (could take less time) send an e-mail to:

Subject line should say: Meaghan's Blind Bumble Date

Send Producer Rachel:

Your name

City you live

Cell number

A photo of yourself

Are you: gay/bisexual/straight/a couple?

What are you looking for in a girl/date?

We will pick 5 finalists for this contest and Meaghan will pick one to have breakfast with at the radio station which will be prepared by Chef Kevin from Epicurean Group.

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