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Meaghan's Blind Bumble Date

Meaghan was blindfolded on Valentine's Day and we brought in four contestants that she can pick from. She ended up choosing Vance from Garden City. 

Below you can watch their date live:

Here were all of our contestants: 

Meet our contestants from left to right: 

Bachelor #1 is Matt:

  • Matt is 28 years-old from Waterford, MI. He works at a car dealership. He has a 3-year-old son named Bentley. He was once catfishes. He went to meet a girl through Tinder who was a 53-year-old mom pretending to be her daughter. He once went on a first date where he had dinner at Kahena. Beach in Hawaii at sunset. 

Bachelor #2 is Vance:

  • Vance is 28-years-old and sells insurance during the day and is a server at night. He is looking for a confident, independent and outgoing woman. He has 2 jobs so we figured he wouldn't be too needy since Meaghan is always working.

Bachelor #3 is Oliver:

  • Oliver is 24-years-old and a bisexual/queer/transgender. He works at a veterinary hospital and is going to school as a pre-vet student. He has three cats who are the sweetest and we know how Meaghan feels about her cat. 

Bachelor # 4 is Nicole:

  • Nicole is bi-sexual and thought Meaghan was cute at first site. She has dates two men, one woman seriously and one not seriously. But her is not bi for fun or just a phrase. The best first date she has been on was to a Detroit Red Wings game and dinner before hand. The main reason we liked Nicole was she said she isn't clingy and likes Netflix.

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