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Child Left In Hot Car, Attorney Is Charged

On a sunny afternoon, an emergency 911 call was made from the parking lot of a Home Depot. A passerby saw a young boy inside of a vehicle with its windows closed and he knew the heat was too much to handle. The child ended up being 9-years-old and he was slobbering at the mouth. This good samaritan opened the car which had unlocked doors and waited for the police to arrive 

The 911 call was: 

operator: "What's going on at the Home Depot? 

caller: There's a kid in the car, all of the windows are up. I got the alarm going cuz I opened the door. 

operator: So were you able to get the kid out of the car? 

caller: Yes, but I don't want to be standing here when the parents come out and I got his kid.

A few minutes later, the owner of the vehicle, 65-year-old Paul Bayer, was running out of the Home Depot apologizing, telling the officers that he had forgotten the boy was inside the car. Thankfully when EMS arrived, they determined he was ok. Bayer is an attorney and ended up getting arrested and charged with endangering a child. 


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