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Trending News: Fireball Whisky Covers Highway After Crash

Jerk of A Guy Who Tried To Flirt With a Wrong Number - Sends D Pic 

Reddit user Th3GreenMan56 shared screenshots of a conversation between him and a guy named Brandon, who thought the person he was texting was a girl from class. He tried to tell Brandon he had the wrong number, but he wasn’t having any of it. Then sent a picture of his junk. 

Full story HERE

Port-a-Potty Tornado

Definitely not something you see every day -- porta potties going for a quick fly.

Fierce winds in Colorado were so strong, they picked up two portable toilers and threw them into the air.  One of them soared several stories high. Thankfully nobody was hurt. 

Fireball Whiskey Spills All Over Highway After Semi Crash

 A shipment of Fireball whisky after two 18-wheelers were involved in a crash on Interstate 40.

The crashed happened right before noon on Thursday, between Galloway and Kerr in Pulaski County.

The department tweeted out that they would be "working this for a while" with a picture of the Fireball whisky scattered across the roadway.

Rollercoaster Car Derails 

A rollercoaster car derailed at the Daytona Beach Boardwalk in Florida on Thursday night. Two people fell 34 feet to the ground and another two hung upside down, stuck in the derailed car. Fire rescue saved 10 people, and six were hospitalized after the accident - two are in a critical condition. The ride, called the Sandblaster, is 40 years old - it was shut down last February due to multiple safety issues

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