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Mojo's 5k Cash For Your Class

We picked five special teachers to win Mojo's 5k Cash For Your Class thanks to our great friends at Moran Automotive. Meet them below. We would like to take this time to thank all of our hard-working teachers for all the great work they do for our children. 

Jared Doss at Collins Elementary School

Hello Mojo in the Morning! I am nominating my brother, Jared Doss, who could greatly benefit from $1,000 for his classroom this year. My brother received a call TODAY and accepted a job to teach 1st grade at Collins Elementary. With just days before school starts, he is frantically scrambling to get ready for the eager 1st graders. Supplying a room with the necessary school supplies for these young children is a very big expense, especially for a brand-new teacher who just graduated just a couple months ago. He is so excited for this next journey, but he is frantically trying to prepare, and money is one of the root causes for that. My brother is scarce on money to begin with because he just bought his first home about a month ago, and he is getting married in less than 10 months. My brother is the most caring, empathetic, and giving person that I know and never expects anything in return. He listens to Mojo in the Morning every day and is a consistent volunteer at the Miracle League! He has a gift and special knack for kids, it is truly amazing to watch him interact with them. He really does need this money to get his classroom ready as the school year is approaching quickly! Thank you, Mojo in the Morning, for giving me the opportunity to nominate my brother!

Stephanie Commyn at Webster Elementary

Stephanie teaches a special education class of children with autism and while it is most days challenging, she approaches each day with passion, humor, dedication and love.  She strives to make a creative space and enjoyable learning experience for each child because they each learn at different levels, and winning the $1,000 would provide additional educational and recreational supplies to help her teach them to grow into individuals who can feel accomplished and live a more independent, productive life.

Mrs. Laura Short at Most Blessed Sacrament in Toledo

My wife never stops for her students. She is always looking for new was to reach them and make them feel comfortable, happy, and safe in the classroom. She is always spending her own money to improve her classroom. For instance, she just painted her entire classroom herself and is now trying to save money to buy comfortable seating. This 1000 would help her finish making her classroom the friendly learning environment she wants for her students.

Mrs. Phillips at Westview Elementary in Warren

Mrs. Phillips is my sister in law and she work for a school with very low income. She spends most of her own money to give supplies to her class room. We as a family always help her out and pick stuff up here and there. My family also tries to get backpacks for the kids who do not have any. Last year she had a student who was living out of his car with his mom and brother. Mrs. Phillips did her best to make sure his day at school was loving and fun. I hear the stories she tells us about her students home lives and my heart just brakes. So for them to walk into a class room with new books to read to take home and to have brand new supplies they would love this. Every bit helps and we try. 

Mrs. Wellman from Kent Hills Elementary

Congrats to Mrs. Wellman from Kent Hills Elementary on winning Mojo's 5k Cash For Your Class this week

Rachel has bought classroom supplies and materials for her class for 12 years. The district she works does not give money for supplies and her students do not come with supplies to school because of poverty. She has always bought their school supplies so they were able to enjoy the full classroom experience. She could use that money to buy some items for her room that have been too pricey to help students reach their academic goals.

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