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The Anniversary of Mike's Dad Passing Away

June 1st will be his year anniversary. It's crazy how the world works and that this will forever fall in between my daughters birthday and fathers day. This is where I'm at... 

- I am a better person, and hate that it took this to do it. I am a better husband, father, and overall human being.

- It's strengthened relationships, helped me focus on what's important, and all because my dad was never able to retire...has helped me really start to live in the moment. To be present. I still have a long way to go. 

- I want to just drive by myself for the weekend of the 2nd. Ali thinks being alone is the opposite of what I should do.. 

- I still have rollercoaster of emotion days. 

- It took me a year to get one of the plants for the funerals. 

- It was the hardest years of my life and while I know I will grow from it, it's fucking hard to stay focused and driven when at times I just want to lay in bed all day. 

- I have tried calling him at least a dozen times and still think I see him at random places. 

- I am trying to find the person that bought my dads boat. 

I miss him... a lot. I am at a point in my life where I need my dad's guidance with all things in my life and next weekend is going to be very hard. 

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