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Spike’s Daughters Complain About Road Trips with Dad

Summer has officially began for both Natalie and Nicole, Spike's daughters. Spike is planning their 4th of July family vacation and the girls pointed out some of the most annoying things about traveling with Spike. This sounds 100% like the Spike we know.

Here's some complaints they had about Spike last time they took a family road trip...

1. Dad takes a 45-minute detour just to get a photo of a giant rock, a 70-foot cow statue, or some other absurd roadside attraction.

2. Dad waves at complete strangers sitting on their porches, because obviously that's what you do in a small town.

3. Dad cracks terrible, corny dad-jokes (even to a cop who pulled him over for speeding).

6. Dad stops for coffee twice in one drive... but complains when someone wants to stop for a bathroom break.

7. Dad demands everyone leave their iPhones in the car because this is "family time" but then he will be adding photos to Instagram at the dinner table.

8. Dad gets up to see the sunrise but make so much noise that EVERYONE has to get up for the sunrise.

9. Dad pretends that he heard about a "nice restaurant" in the next town which just happens to be a beer microbrewery... every time.

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