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Mojo's Breaking and Entering Christmas Wish 2019

Welcome to Mojo's Breaking and Entering Christmas Wish! It's the most wonderful time of the year and it's time to provide Christmas for those in need. The background to how it all began was: Mojo was inspired by a morning show in another city that began this concept of breaking into people's houses during the holidays and bringing them a Christmas tree along with gifts so they had something for their family to celebrate. Instead of waiting for help from sponsors or clients, Mojo and Spike pooled money from their own pockets and began to buy gifts and food to deliver to listeners that were nominated by their family and friends. Now Shannon and Producer Rachel have helped them take it to the next level.

We have to thank our friends at Emagine Theatres and The Believe Foundation for making this possible. Also, Justin Slanec for recording all of the videos and editing them within hours.

If you would like to donate:

Venmo: search for @MojoInTheMorning

or via PayPal: click here

Zita the Supermom

Zita went through one bad struggle after another in her life and still remained strong for her children. She faced a bad divorce, survived breast cancer and recent was injured in a hit and run. This supermom never gave up and is winning her fight. Thank you to the West Bloomfield Police Department and Detroit Lions' quarterbacks wife, Kelly Stafford for making this wish come true.

Christina Battles Neuroblastoma

These are the reactions you get when Santa sends his helpers to bring Christmas! Aiden is battling Neuroblastoma at the age of 3. His support system and family is amazing.

Uncle Jimmy and Uncle Aaron are THE BEST

From Uncle Jimmy & Aaron... to PARENTS! They took custody of their nieces and nephews to save them from a toxic environment. This shows the true meaning of FAMILY. The kids' parents have been in and out of jail and the kids were being neglected and abused.

Stephanie Battles Breast Cancer

This one hits close to home for me. I lost my mother to breast cancer when I was only 14. Stephanie, we are praying for you throughout this fight! You have such a beautiful family and support system!

Marcus Jr Gets Beaten With Baseball Bat

Every parent's nightmare... leaving their children alone! Marcus Jr. was nearly beaten to death walking home from playing baseball with friends. We surprised him & his family with Christmas! This kid is a fighter.

Nicole Goes from Homeless to HOME

What an unforgettable day. We teamed up with Humble Design and Detroit Bruce to grant Nicole’s Christmas wish. Nicole left an abusive relationship and shortly after her son was shot, forcing her to stay by her son’s side and losing her job. She lost her home and lived in her car. Now we are happy to announce she is back in a house we turned into a HOME today ❤️

Ethan Looking Over Graham

Merry Christmas to Ana and her beautiful family. Lisa nominated her even after battling the loss of a child of her own. Ana’s son Graham battles Cerebral Palsy which is how Lisa lost her son and brought the two together. That’s what friends are for.

We FaceTimed Graham while in the hospital with dad. You got this, buddy! We know Ethan is looking down on Graham from Heaven smiling :)

Autumn Beats Cancer Twice and Fosters Kids

Tis’ the season for Breaking and Entering Christmas. Autumn has survived cancer twice and despite what she has been through, she always puts others first. She recently took in two foster children and they have never celebrated Christmas before. Oh, and today is Autumn’s birthday.

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