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What's Your Sex Personality?

Seductive woman hand on her face

What is your sex personality? There are seven deadly sins, 10 commandments and 11 sexual personality types. Which are you?

● The Decompressor. Sex is your go-to stress reliever. Sex is like a tool for blowing off steam or even falling asleep at night. 

● The Explorer. You like to try new things, have fun, and you’re not taking it too seriously. You’re like the rated-R version of Dora. 

● The Fair-Trader. It throws you off your game if your partner isn’t that into it because you like things to be even in the sheets. You need everyone to be giving it 110% like a JV Basketball Coach. 

● The Giver. “Your partner’s sexual experience is at least as important to you as your own, and probably even more so,” says Marin. It’s just too bad you can’t write off all your sex philanthropy on your taxes. 

● The Guardian. Safety is the number one priority. This may have been brought about by past sexual trauma and you need boundaries. 

● The Passion-Pursuer. For you, sex must be intense, all-consuming, and almost animalistic. Like some sort of sexual wizard, you feed off the energy in the room, and when things are going great, time stands still. 

● The Pleasure-Seeker. Bottom line: You like feeling good. It doesn’t need to be emotional, intense, and it can be with a stranger. As long as it’s happening, you’re great! 

● The Prioritizer. The top line of your To-Do List is always To-Do It. No matter how busy you are, sex remains a top priority for you. 

● The Romantic. If you’re into eye contact, lots of kissing, sensual caressing, and “I love yous” this is your sex type. Great for relationships, awful for one-night stands. 

● The Spiritualist. Sex is all about transcending. “Sex is bigger than what’s happening in the body. You may be religious, or you may enjoy Eastern philosophies like Tantra,” says Marin. 

● The Thrill-Seeker. If you thought all of the above were super boring and you were waiting to hear about some kinky, taboo, BDSM stuff, you’re a Thrill-Seeker. The “explorer” is just trying things, you know what you’re into, and it’s dirty. To figure out your type, take the top three that resonated with you, and then rank them. Whatever you’ve put at number one is your Sex Personality Type. Now go find someone who’s personality meshes with yours and have a blast!

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