Mojo's Breaking & Entering: Special Edition

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Mojo in the Morning’s Breaking and Entering Wish - Special Edition. Has the quarantine and closures from the Coronavirus caused you to lose your job or have your hours been cut down significantly?

Well Mojo in the Morning is going to have a special edition of our Breaking and Entering Christmas Wish where we will attempt to bring a little light to the darkness and maybe help out a bit where we can.

If you would like a wish granted on you, follow the steps below. If you would like to donate, click here to do it via PayPal or you can Venmo us now @MojoInTheMorning

Send an e-mail to:

Copy and paste the below info into the e-mail and fill it out and we may surprise you with a little bit of relief.

Your name:

Your cell #:

City/State you live:

Your age:

Tell us what is going on and what help you need:

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Congratulations to Tara on getting a Breaking and Entering special edition wish granted. She and her husband have three young children.

Her story:

I am a registered nurse in an operating room at Beaumont in Dearborn but have not been working since elective surgeries were cancelled. Plus I was a contingent worker so I can’t apply for unemployment. 

Eventually, the hospital will call me when my fellow coworkers are all sick at home, but in the meantime I have no income coming in. This could be a weeks. Unfortunately the state has not addressed this unique situation with contingent nurses. 

My husband Steve is a police officer and work a 12 hour shift trying to do overtime just to make ends meet. Being a police officer is tough enough but put the fear of the virus on top of it and it is VERY stressful (especially when all essential employees are worried about bringing the virus home).

I have never had to ask for help so this is hard for me.



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We both work(ed) at National Coney Island in Royal Oak Michigan. On Monday we all found out that we were being indefinitely laid off because of COVID-19. Shala is unlike anyone else that I have ever met, she is the strongest and kindest human being that I know. She has struggled through so much and at the same time accomplished everything that she sets her mind to. Shala is a strong single mother, works full time, and decided to go back to school to be an EMT. Not only has COVID-19 interfered with our jobs and security but it has also caused her education to be put on an indefinite pause. Now we are all left to wonder what our next steps are. Please consider her for your special breaking and entering, I know that whatever you could do for her would change her life for the better in this time of struggle. 

The attached images are of Shala and her daughter Emma, the sweetest little kid that I have ever met in my life. They have made their own family unit and I am so beyond proud of them. 

Thank you, 

Brooke Woolery

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