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Coronavirus Update: Tuesday, March 31

Every morning, we share a daily update of all the details we know regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Michigan has moved up to the #4 of states with the highest reported positive Coronavirus cases with 1,000 new cases yesterday.

  • 792,509 confirmed cases worldwide (37,947 deaths)
  • 164,359 confirmed cases in the U.S. (3,173 deaths)
  • 6,498 confirmed cases in Michigan (184 deaths) 
  • 1,933 confirmed cases in Ohio (39 deaths)

Could Gov. Whitmer sign an executive order closing schools for remainder of school year? 

An unconfirmed report says all seniors would graduate and students would move onto the next grade in fall as long as they were on course to pass their current grade. Republican leaders disagree and will present a summer school plan to start in July

Do you need to wear a mask?Growing number of health experts argue people should cover up

MIT researcher says droplets carrying coronavirus can travel up to 27 feet

New research found exhalations (coughs and sneezes, for instance) cause gaseous clouds that can travel up to 27 feet. But the biggest threat with the coronavirus is actually the larger droplets (saliva, snot, spit that come with sneezes and coughs). Those droplets are large enough that gravity still acts on them within about six feet of leaving somebody’s body. That’s where the six-foot rule comes from.

Metro Detroit residents can show support to health care workers: “Home Beams for Health Care Teams”

Toy Sales Surge as Pandemic Keeps Kids Home

Sales of board games, building sets and puzzles are selling so briskly that Target recently expanded its shelf space to 20 feet from 12 feet. Some toy sales were up 228%

Girl Scouts moved cookie sales online due to viru

Have them shipped to your door—or donate cookies and we'll distribute them safely to provide comfort to first responders, volunteers, and local causes in need.

Detroit's own Lizzo treats Henry Ford ER staff to lunch

Coronavirus deaths in Oakland County double in single day — and expected to get worse

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