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Rachel's Letter To Teachers

Dear teachers:

I am so sorry but my husband and I have ruined our kids for you.

When you get them back next year they won’t be the same and when I say

“get them back” that means yes, I acknowledge they may have to repeat

their grade because, we ruined them.

All of the hard work you put into them prior to the pandemic, I think

it’s all gone because they are a holes and don’t want to work and I

don’t want to fight with them anymore so we were already slacking.

And THEN we got the packets of work they have to do in order to pass

yesterday and now I am overwhelmed because I am still working and my

husband will be returning shortly so...

The end of the school year is coming and that means end of the year

gifts for teacher - What will it take? Boxes of wine? Target gift

cards? A check?

At this point if they get left behind I understand, do what you must

IF you REALLY want them in your classrooms again because I ruined my

kids for you and I am sorry (unless they are always like this and I

had no idea and for that too I am sorry).



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