John's Fight Against COVID-19

He is known as the favorite photo booth guy and his family need our help! Michelle along with their entire family have all contracted COVID-19 and John is currently in the ICU on a Ventilator battling Pneumonia and fighting for his life. On top of that, his family found out he has uncontrolled Diabetes and that is worsening his condition.

We don't know how long he will be in the hospital but we are all praying that he will come out of this and be back to his normal fun, loving goofy, self that we all know and love. Michelle and the kids are quarantined at home holding down the fort as best they can. Luckily, their symptoms allow them to recover at home for now. They have no idea what John's medical expenses will cost after all of this is said and done. The event business has been almost non existent since March and money has been tight for this family of 5 and now this.

They need our help!!! Anything you can contribute will be much appreciated to help the family with current expenses, bills, food, necessities and medical costs John will have incurred. No donation is too small. Any and everything will help Michelle while she is at home caring for not only herself but also the kids all while worrying about John in the hospital, so lets give them 1 less thing to worry about.

You get what you put out into the world and John puts out so much love, positive energy and support and now it’s his time to receive it back! On behalf of the whole family I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for every prayer, every share, every donation, every comment or post or message. Keep them coming. We hear you, John hears you and we are eternally grateful❤️❤️

Contribute to their GoFundMe HERE