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THEjoeSHOW Full Show (3-30-2023)

Miss anything from the show this morning? If you did, you missed a crazy War Of The Roses, what the best excuse is to get to Opening Day, and WHICH show member finally admitted they were wrong? All of that and more!

Hit The Headlines 2 (3-30-2023)

Ashley gets the latest in trending news and everything around the world!

The Best Excuse Ever!

Today is Rays Opening Day and everyone wants to go to the ballpark instead of being at work or school. What is the BEST excuse to get out of work/ school?

A Sign Of Insecurity?

Do you think that this is a sign of insecurity or a sign of respect?

Douchebag Of The Day (Tik Tok Concert Spoiler)

This has become a trend on all social media platforms but more specifically on Tik-Tok!

Hit The Headlines 1 (3-30-2023)

Ashley takes us around the world and Tampa Bay for the latest news!

Fell For A Scam!

They donated over six figures to a man who pretended to be Elon Musk?!

War Of The Roses (I Bought You Drinks)

This was a very different War Of The Roses this morning... listen to everything from start to finish here. Will we catch another cheater??

Three Things To Know With Joe (Child Marriage)

Here are the three things you need to know with Joe before starting your day at work or school!