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Instant 'POD'ification (Do Not Disturb + The Wife Calls In)

THEjoeSHOW Full Show (2-22-2024)

This was probably one of the most insane shows we had since the time we've been on FLZ... War of the Roses stretched for well over an hour and so much madness and chaos ensued. If you missed and action packed morning stream the whole show from start to finish on the free iHeart Radio App or wherever you get your podcasts!

Cried Over Banana Bread

Can you guess which member of THEjoeSHOW was caught crying in the drivethru after they found out that they were out of banana bread? What was the strangest thing you cried over?

War Of The Roses Follow Up (The Wife Calls In)

Our listener Ashley found out that she was being cheated on this morning with War Of The Roses. Now she wants to talk to the wife and let her know. What exactly happened with War Of The Roses and what are we going to find out?

War Of The Roses (Do Not Disturb)

One of our joeSHOW listeners, Ashley, is curious to see if the guy she has been seeing is cheating on her or finding out if she could potentially be the side piece. Stream War Of The Roses on-demand now with the free iHeart Radio App or wherever you get podcasts!

Car Over Phone

If you had to choose would you rather have your car not work or your phone? With the AT&T outage this morning we embrace debate!

The Phones Are Down!

We start our morning off with a little bit of unfortunate news.... AT&T has no service for their customers! But the good news is the phone lines and texts lines at the radio station are still working and so is the iHeart Radio App! Don't miss a second of this morning's show and stream it as we go this morning!

Instant 'POD'ification (Gatekeeping + Cosplay Dates)

Ready to have your mind blown in 20 minutes? Thats what we try to do daily with THEjoeSHOW's Instant PODification and today's is an excellent one! You get to hear a Left On Read that we don't think anyone was expecting. And you also get to hear who on the show has been playing 'gatekeeper'. Listen to the best of the best only on the free iHeart Radio App or wherever you get your podcasts!

THEjoeSHOW Full Show (2-21-2024)

An exciting Wednesday edition of THEjoeSHOW that included so much it could make your head spin! Left On Read, Non-sexual sexy jobs, who on the show is regifting and of course so much more! Stream THEjoeSHOW from start to finish on the free iHeart Radio App or wherever you decided to get your podcasts!

A Non-Sexy, Sexy Profession

What is that one profession that isn't sexy but it turns you on? After getting his glasses yesterday, Joe might have a new favorite..