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THEjoeSHOW Full Show (6-14-2024)

Sleeping On Checkers

Jed went on a late night fast food run last weekend and he thinks that people are sleeping on this notorious fast food chain...

Hey Alexa... PLAY THEjoeSHOW!

We have been having a little rivalry with our co-workers ever since they started putting Amazon Alexa's around the office...

Ashley's Secret 'Discount'

Ashley went to the mall for the first time in forever... but what did she do at the store where she earned a special 'discount'?

I'm Not Going To Calm Down

Yesterday was an incredibly frustrating day for our Producer Jed... he was starting to lose it when some of our co-workers were telling him to 'just relax' or 'calm down'.

Am I The A-Hole? (Falling Out Of Love)

Is she an a-hole for falling out of love with her husband after he started letting himself go?

Love Yourself A Little

Often times we are too critical of ourselves and pick out the bad things. But what are the things that you love about yourself?

1-Year Old's Birthday

Joe was invited to a 1-year old's birthday party for this upcoming weekend... but is it more so for the kids or the adults?

Instant 'POD'ification (The Ick + Hotel Mistress)

We condensed this podcast into 30 minutes or less so you can get all of the highlights from today's show for free on our iHeart Radio App. Find out who on THEjoeSHOW got the 'ick', did we catch a cheater with War of the Roses, and which member of the show found their love at the airport on demand now!

THEjoeSHOW Full Show (6-13-2024)

Everything from this morning's edition of THEjoeSHOW is on demand now with our free iHeart Radio App (or wherever you listen to podcasts). Stream everything from start to finish now!